28 Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today - vol. 37(4) July/August 2019 Simon Tyler COO, CatSci the sponsor to deliver this customised service, as it helps ensure efficient project delivery. Smaller companies such as biotech start-ups look to contract organizations to act as an extension of their own company to complete their process R&D. Moreover, smaller companies will typically engage somewhat earlier, seeking support throughout the IND-enabling phase. Services that are in demand by biotech start-ups at this time cover route design and assessment, process development and scale-up, material supply and tech transfer packages. Providing such services enables these smaller companies to manage the inevitable risks and uncertainties associated with this phase of drug development. Is green chemistry important in custom synthesis for the customer? Is the customer willing to invest more time and money in developing green chemistry – only for late phase or also for early phase? Green chemistry has a critical role to play in the development of economically and environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes. Ultimately, green chemistry equals good chemistry! The question is always about when to invest in green chemistry, as it should play an important role in the speed/quality/cost triangle used throughout process development. This involves thinking about the specific technical challenges and potential opportunities that will determine the what and when of any investment in new chemical methods, including green chemistry. Solutions will be developed at a point in the development timeline when it is required for the optimal progression of the project. Inevitably, a larger investment signifies a great immediate need or an increased likelihood of the therapeutic making it to market. In the former case, this may mandate early phase development whilst the latter speaks to late phase projects. How to develop a true partnership between sponsor and CMO that extends beyond the yearly quality audit? It is imperative that there is complete trust between sponsor and CMO, and so the question is really about how you build and maintain that trusting relationship. The answer to this starts with credibility and allowing sponsors to feel reassured about your experience and expertise. It is important that they believe in your ability to meet their evolving needs, which enables them to make informed decisions about the progression of their small molecule therapeutics. Critical to this is a consultative approach that takes the time to factor in customer’s technical challenges and project timelines. By listening intently to customers at the beginning of every project, you can develop a strong relationship based on openness, honesty and integrity. From the very first interaction to on-going account management, communication is at the heart of a good customer-centric approach. Developing a deep understanding of each and every customer facilitates the meeting of their expectations and creates real value in a partnership. How to best meet the needs of small biotech start-ups that usually have little or no infrastructure and are completely dependent upon their contract manufacturer? Whether you work with start-ups, SMEs or large pharma, all customers seek a service that is tailored to their projects and portfolios. It is essential that a contractor can seamlessly fit alongside the internal capability of CatSci is an award-winning provider of innovative process research and development services, supporting drug discovery and development for emerging, mid-sized and large pharma. We proudly serve customers across the globe from lead optimisation through product launch and life cycle management. As an independent, scientifically-unbiased and commercially-minded CRO, CatSci is dedicated to understanding and optimising your chemical reactions and processes. Favouring a consultative approach, we take the time to understand your project objectives and then resolve the challenges that you face efficiently and effectively. Non-GMP material supply from milligrams to kilograms is conveniently carried out in our laboratory, whilst for larger quantities and/or GMP manufacture, we are able to work with our trusted partners or your preferred supplier. Contact details: Website: Email: COMPANY PROFILE