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- 04/26/2017

A successful show for Italmatch Chemicals

H&PC Today


“It was the first time for Italmatch Chemicals to exhibit at in-cosmetics global after some positive participations to regional events and it was really intense!

We set up the Personal Care Business Unit last year and this show was very useful for making us and our Dapracare brand better known and visible in this exciting market.

Indeed, a successful show for Italmatch Chemicals with a large number of contacts and almost no stops along all the 3 days!

We had really positive and interesting meetings with customers, distributors and partners from all over the world with the great opportunity to present our range of Dapracare natural esters (emollients, emulsifiers, thickeners and metallic soaps) produced in our plants in Spain and Italy.

Particular focus on our Dapracare® P6000DS (PEG-150 Distearate) still produced in the Arese/Milan plant that Italmatch acquired from Akzo Nobel 10 years ago. Other traditional products where we are in a good supply position are Dapracare® GMS and GMS-SE (Glyceryl Stearate and Glyceryl Stearate Self Emulsifying), Dapracare® GMO and GDO (Glyceryl Oleate and Dioleate), Dapracare® EGDS (Glycol Distearate), Dapracare® SO and STO (Sorbitan Oleate and Trioleate) and the metallic soaps Dapracare® CS, MS, SS and ZS (Ca, Mg, Na and Zn Stearate respectively) all produced in our Zuera/Zaragoza plant formerly Union Derivan/Undesa. This is our “starting base” and our roots but we are also actively working on future developments taking advantage of our various in-house chemistries. Some examples:  polyquaternium-7-22-39 conditioning polymers, polyglycerol esters EO-free emulsifiers, pentaerythritol di- and tetra-stearates skin conditioning emollients.

The In-cosmetics is definitely the place to be and everybody who’s active in the Personal Care business cannot miss it!”

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