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- 10/16/2019

ADEKA presents its award-winning rheology modifiers for innovative sensory and texture at SEPAWA

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A recent market report indicated that Japanese beauty trends were having a major impact on the global beauty industry by creating an increased demand for innovations in texture and novel formulations challenging traditional western formulations and push the limitations of the traditional “go to” rheological additives.

ADEKA, as an experienced manufacturer of a wide range of unique chemical products, is meeting this trend with its award-winning products ADEKA NOL GT-730 and ADEKA NOL GT-930. These rheology modifiers are exceptional thickeners, suspending agents and stabilizers for aqueous systems and emulsifier-free O/W emulsions.

They can be used to create clear non sticky highly elastic gels, which flow and reform quickly enabling the development of interesting and novel characteristics to the rheology. The non-ionic nature of ADEKA NOL GT-730 and ADEKA NOL GT-930 ensures that it is not adversely affected by organic and inorganic salts facilitating the creation of formulations that contain significantly higher levels of active ingredients. They are also tolerant of both high and low pH ranges making it ideal for use in many Skin-care, Make-up and Hair styling applications. In addition, ADEKA NOL GT-930 can stabilize by itself oil emulsions and has suspending properties.

At this year’s Sepawa 2019 in Berlin, ADEKA will present 22 new guide formulations using the ADEKA NOL GT-730 and ADEKA NOL GT-930 among other innovative functional ingredients made by ADEKA.

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the unique rheological characteristics of a memory gel that flow seamlessly back to their original form leaving a stunning wow-effect, or test sprays turning from gel to atomised liquid and returning to a gel with ease, to leave a light enhanced skin feel.

Furthermore, ADEKA will present in a compact lecture on Friday, October 25th at 11:45 in Room 2, its new water-soluble preservative boosters ADEKA NOL CHG and ADEKA NOL NHG, enabling the creation of preservative-free formulations.

Other featured products are ADEKAs new emollient and moisturizer ADEKA NOL TPE-2424, ADEKAs natural anti-aging ingredients Beta-Glucan LQ-S and Mevalonolactone as well as ADEKA exclusive Poloxamers.

ADEKA is welcoming you at our stand A165 to present our novel solutions for meeting the trends of the global cosmetics and detergents industry.

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