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- 03/23/2017

Alcami introduces seamless customer experience with new customer portal and application, Alcami OnDemand™

Pharma Horizon
  • Unprecedented access, transparency and visualization of projects
  • Easy to use platform for submitting samples for analytical testing and checking project status
  • Provides a single source for order and project management with customer access to historical submissions and reports

Alcami, a leading provider of custom development and manufacturing services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, is setting the industry standard for project management and transparency with its new Customer Portal and Mobile Application: Alcami OnDemand™.
The initial phase will concentrate on the sample submission process within its Analytical Testing offering.

The new customer portal allows Alcami’s clients and prospects unprecedented and rapid access and visualization into their ongoing projects. The portal will serve as a single source for customer project and order management with shared views to manage orders, libraries of compounds, test results and accounting information.

“The new system addresses the un-met market need for a simplified sample submission process, real-time tracking of sample submissions and projects, customer access to historical data and transparency,” stated Chief Commercial Officer, Syed T. Husain. “Alcami OnDemand™ is another exciting first to market initiative that allows us to provide a personalized customer experience to the Pharma & Biotech industry.”

Little-to-no training is required for users of Alcami OnDemand™. The dashboard provides straightforward, intuitive controls that allow for quick and efficient completion of tasks. Customer information is pre-populated to reduce data entry requirements. When necessary, the system also provides user prompts based on real-time project data. Customers will have access not only to historical order information and reporting data, but also snapshot views of the status of their projects with real-time updates. As a result, creating, submitting and tracking requests and accessing research data will now be a seamless experience.

The Customer Portal will launch first in April 2017 with beta testing for submission of samples by a selected group of existing analytical testing customers. Launch of the application to new customers will take place in June 2017. Alcami plans to expand the application across its API and Drug Product manufacturing and Development Services platforms throughout 2017 and 2018. Further information will be provided once the initial beta program is underway.

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