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- 02/26/2018

ALSYS: Launch of a Specialty Group with expertise in filtration and catalysis technologies

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ALSYS is a Specialty Group, combining unique abilities across a diverse range of industries and applications. ALSYS designs, manufactures and supports the installation of advanced materials, industrial equipment and process engineering. With expertise in technologies for water and air preservation, such as filtration and catalysis, ALSYS sets the course for its future through innovation and growth. Its vision is to meet the technological, economic and environmental challenges of the factory of the future. Its ambition is to serve high-stakes markets such as Water, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Energy & Power, Gas Emissions Control and Food & Animal Feed.

The creation of the ALSYS Group is the result of over 30 years of experience. Organic growth and international development have been supplemented with the acquisition or creation of subsidiaries in strategic regions including North America and China. The founding company CTI, headquartered in Salindres, near Alès, France was created in 1990 and is known for its expertise in advanced ceramics and catalytic materials. Since 2010 the company has rapidly developed through several acquisitions:

  • 2010, Orelis, with its membrane technologies and filtration processes for industrial liquids.
  • 2013, EnerCat (formerly known as IRMA), based in Lorient, France, is a major player in catalytic formulations and advanced materials solutions.
  • 2016, ClearBakk, based in Calgary, Canada, provides full turnkey fluid management and environmental solutions, from design and engineering to installation, commissioning and operating.
  • 2017, CeraMem® (acquired from Veolia Water Technologies), based in Boston, MA (USA), completes the Group with specific membrane technologies for the Oil & Gas industry.

“Our proactive approach of constantly integrating new skills and new expertise allows us to offer our customers an ever more complete range of products and services, as well as a fully integrated value chain,” says François Garcia, President of ALSYS.

With operations in Europe, North America (USA and Canada) and Asia (China and India), ALSYS actively serves its customers in key markets to identify the best options for further development. With 150 employees and an annual revenue of 30 million euros, ALSYS aims to maintain its dynamic growth and exceed 10% per annum.

Driven by the need for technological innovation and to face ever-growing challenges, ALSYS applies its strategy in line with its markets’ long-term needs:

  • Sustainability – by using robust management and ambitious R&D programs to increase industrial performance while developing sustainable materials, processes and equipment.
  • The scarcity of water resources – by developing membrane materials and equipment for better recycling.
  • Eco-responsibility – by helping to reduce the environmental impact of the Oil & Gas and power generation industries.
  • Healthcare and food – by innovating in the separation and purification processes of the future and developing a range of materials with high-performing antimicrobial, antifungal properties, etc.
  • Environmental regulation – by helping to anticipate and develop alternative energies.

To meet the challenges related to its clients’ needs for the fast and reliable adoption of cutting-edge technical solutions, ALSYS is structured in 3 Business Units:

  1. Water & Membranes:
  • Ceramic Membranes: KLEANSEP™, CERAMEM®
  • Polymeric Membranes: PLEIADE®
  • Filtration Skids: KLEANSEP™, CERAMEM®
  • Water, wastewater and process water treatment plants (using membranes or otherprocesses: ozonation, hydration/flocculation…): CLEARBAKK
  1. Gas & Catalysis:
  • Treatment of nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2, N2O)
  • Capture and elimination of catalyst toxins (S sulfur, carbon compounds, etc.)
  • Treatment by catalytic oxidation and reduction of toxic or environmentally harmful gases (CO, COV…)
  • Filtration of hot gases of ceramic materials
  • Catalytic processes for power generation (hydrogen and methane)
  1. Specialty Materials:
  • High-performance filters for molten metals
  • Refractory materials for high-temperature applications
  • Antimicrobial minerals with antibacterial, antifungal properties, etc.

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