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- 11/28/2016

Alzheimer’s disease: results of Lilly’s trials could bring light in 2016 for Big Pharma

Pharma Horizon
Lilly will soon announce the results of the late stage clinical trial related to its drug to treat Alzheimer’s – Solanezumab. The expectation is great to learn whether they will be positive or negative, after the failure of the previous trials; in case of good news, it would be a shot in the arm for the pharma sector, which in 2016 has witnessed many dramas, like EpiPen pricing scandal and Valeant Pharmaceuticals collapse, not to mention the Obamacare’s uncertain future. Alzheimer’s is currently a major unmet medical needs, as current treatments can only treat the symptoms of the disease, without being able to slow or stop its progression.


The Wall Street Journal 11/23/2016

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