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- 10/01/2018

Angus Life Sciences to showcase expanded portfolio of chemistries

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

ANGUS Life Sciences, a business of ANGUS Chemical Company (“ANGUS” or the “Company”) will highlight its broad offering of biochemicals and novel nitroalkanebased chemistries at the upcoming CPhI Worldwide event on October 9 – 11 in Madrid. ANGUS experts will be available at Stand 5C70 during the event to introduce a new, biologics grade of TRIS AMINO™ USP/EP, qualitatively analyzed for bioburden and endotoxin, and intended to meet multi-compendial standards required for certain biopharma and biological applications. Additionally, ANGUS will be presenting its expanded offering of high-purity amino alcohols that provide numerous performance benefits in topical formulations.

ANGUS’ TRIS AMINO, AMPD™ and AMP™ amino alcohols work in perfect synergy with fatty acid emulsifiers, carbomers and acidic resins to deliver robust multifunctional performance—from highefficiency neutralization and improved emulsion stabilization to exceptional rheological and organoleptic properties—in creams, gels, foams, emulsions and other topical dosage forms. These high-purity chemistries have a long history of broad use in leading personal care and cosmetics formulations, and both TRIS AMINO (tromethamine) and AMP (aminomethyl propanol) are listed in the Inactive Ingredient Database (IID).

“We continue to reinforce our commitment to the market through investments in new product development and capacity expansion that meet the dynamic needs – as well as the regulatory and performance requirements – of the global customers we serve,” said Laura Kaepplinger, Global Business Segment Lead, ANGUS Life Sciences. “As the world’s only fully integrated manufacturer of our unique portfolio of nitroalkane and derivative chemistries, we deliver quality, consistency, reliability, and supply chain transparency that cannot be found elsewhere.” ANGUS will also showcase its complete portfolio of basic nitroalkane chemistries and their derivatives, which have been used safely and effectively in numerous commercial applications as synthesis building blocks, in API salt formation, and as reaction solvents. These versatile chemistries have prior documented use as intermediates in the synthesis of commercial pharmacologically active materials to impart critical performance attributes, such as activity and solubility.

“Over decades, numerous, highly successful pharmaceuticals, such as ranitidine, methyl DOPA, ethambutol and pamabrom have been based on nitroalkane and alkanolamine chemistries,” said Dr.David Green, Vice President, Research and Development for ANGUS. “However, the full potential of this novel class of compounds is often overlooked by synthetic chemists during drug discovery and development. These chemistries offer unique utility and value for small molecule synthesis by providing reactivity to efficiently create complex molecules, reduce reaction steps and optimize synthesis costs.”

For more information, visit with an ANGUS Life Sciences representative at the upcoming CPhI Worldwide event, Stand 5C70, October 9 -11, at IFEMA – Feria de Madrid in Madrid, Spain, or visit

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