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- 04/29/2019

AstaReal – Healthy ageing with natural astaxanthin

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From improved vision to skin health, mental sharpness and better muscle performance, natural astaxanthin offers scientifically backed benefits for healthy ageing. As the global pioneer in natural astaxanthin cultivation and R&D, AstaReal will be presenting its high-quality product range and various prototypes at this year’s Vitafoods Europe.

The company will showcase effervescent tablets, soft gums and innovative bulk products all containing the powerful antioxidant. At AstaReal’s booth, visitors can learn more about dosage forms and the company’s impressive cultivation process. In addition, AstaReal’s expert, Dr Mark Miller, will highlight how the natural nutrient can support healthy ageing on Tuesday 7 May at 15:40 at the Life Stages Theatre. Attendees will be guided through the latest research findings and consumer trends within this category which reveal why natural astaxanthin is becoming a premier ingredient for healthy ageing.


Derived from the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis, astaxanthin is a natural carotenoid. Unlike other antioxidants, its unique structure enables it to target free radicals in the inner and outer layer of the cell membrane, thus protecting cells from oxidative stress. In doing so, astaxanthin can boost muscle endurance, counteract fatigue, reduce inflammation, improve skin texture, and enhance capillary blood flow in the eyes as well as in the brain. This makes it a valuable ingredient for supplements boasting healthy ageing benefits, and those targeting active consumers. Top health concerns among older consumers are the ability to maintain mobility, proper vision, heart health and mental sharpness.


Andie Long, Marketing & Sales Manager at AstaReal, says: “The demand for wellness products will continue to rise. Functional antioxidants like astaxanthin that have tangible health benefits are performing very well on the market. Astaxanthin’s popularity is increasing quickly in Europe, not only due to its antioxidant potential but also because it offers clinically validated benefits that consumers can feel working. AstaReal® natural Astaxanthin can be used in many different formulas targeting sports and recovery, skin health, eye and brain health, cardiovascular support and immunity. In addition, it is scientifically backed, safe and of the highest quality. The cultivation process our company has in place features the tightest controls in the industry and yields an ingredient with outstanding purity, stability and with the most rigorous specifications.”





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