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- 09/11/2017

AstraZeneca presents positive lung cancer drug data

Pharma Horizon

AstraZeneca has unveiled full data for two successful lung cancer drug trials after a separate trial for a more advanced version of the condition  came up negative.

The first of the two successful trials, Pacific, used the same drug Imfinzi that was used in the failed trial during the summer. 

This trial however was with patients with a less advanced form of lung cancer, called stage three,  and proved to improve people’s chances of living without the cancer getting worse by more than 11 months compared to the current standard of care.

The second trial, Flaura, of another drug Tagrisso, reduced the risk of progression or death by more than half in patients with a particular genetic indicator and form of lung cancer.

Commenting on the Pacific results, Sean Bohen, chief medical officer for AstraZeneca, said: “These results are incredibly encouraging for a patient population that until now has been without treatment options.”


Source: The Telegraph


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