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- 11/15/2016

BASF to showcase new sustainable solutions for hair care applications at SCS Formulate

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For a growing number of  consumers,  product  sustainability  is  a  crucial  factor in  their purchasing decision. At the same time, appealing sensory properties remain vital. At this year’s SCS Formulate (November 15–16, 2016), BASF  will  showcase  new  sustainable  solutions  for  hair  care applications,  such  as  the  company’s  first  phyto-keratin  for  the personal  care  market,  the  low  molecular  weight  protein  Gluadin® Kera-P  LM  and  the  conditioning  booster  and  silicone  alternative Plantasil® 4V (booth 420).


Nutrilan Keratin LM and Gluadin Kera-P LM: new micro-proteins for natural hair strengthening and rejuvenation

While many protein hydrolysates produce their effects on the hair surface or in the cuticle, BASF’s new low molecular weight proteins Nutrilan® Keratin LM and Gluadin Kera-P LM penetrate through the cuticle deep into the cortex. This is where they help rebuild the hair with missing protein building blocks and contribute to stress-relief. On the hair surface, both micro-proteins provide protection for the cuticle. Where  normally  free  radicals  cause  protein  degradation  ultimately leading  to  weak  hair, Nutrilan  Keratin  LM  and  Gluadin  Kera-P  LM reduce hair damage thanks to their double protective effect: firstly, both proteins diminish the copper bond with hair and reduce damage caused by oxidative stress; secondly, they are able to intercept free radicals and thus prevent premature hair aging. Gluadin Kera-P LM is based on plant-derived protein building blocks. With an amino acid spectrum very similar to that of keratins of animal origin, it offers an alternative to conventional keratins.


Plantasil 4V: Silicone alternative boosts conditioning shampoo

BASF’s Plantasil 4V provides a significant improvement on wet combing and sensorial performance on different hair types, equivalent to those of  silicone-containing  benchmarks.  Even in more heavily-damaged hair, it reduces combing force significantly. Its effectiveness can be seen at low surfactant levels, too. As for formulation, Plantasil 4V shows clear benefits:  It is easy to use in cold processes and compatible with all relevant conditioning polymers. It also offers clear solubilization of oils in surfactant bases. Compared to other hair care additives, Plantasil 4V has less impact on foam and no stabilization issues.


“Delight me”:  A delicious butter that gives a powdery feeling during application


BASF’s delicious butter “Delight me” gives a pleasantly powdery feeling during application and is perfectly suitable for hand and face creams or for the driest areas of the body, day and overnight. One minute after application, the underlying SWOP™ technology Powdery-Butter-to-Dry-Oil creates a melting effect and the powdery texture gives way to the rich after-feel of a deliciously dry oil. Due to its inspiring texture, the Powdery-Butter-to-Dry-Oil formulation “Delight Me” has been nominated for the Laura Marshall Memorial Award for innovation within the Personal Care and Cosmetic industry.


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