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- 03/01/2016

BASF’s Care Creations launches at in-cosmetics 2016

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At in-cosmetics 2016, BASF invites visitors to join forces for a sustainable future. Framed by the motto “All about tomorrow” the portfolio on display includes new ingredients and formulations:

New effect pigments focus on brightness and high chroma
Gold is back on the fashion shows, exploring vibrant pink to warm copper or brown accents. Reflecks™ Dimensions Brilliant Gold, BASF’s new borosilicate with an intense gold reflection, offers high sparkle and chroma, which spread into extremes of glammed up. Another innovation is Flamenco® Summit Aqua, a natural mica with a unique blue shade and intense brightness, which magnifies the range of possibilities in make-up and skincare applications. Aqua symbolizes purity, constancy and serenity from frosted white to deep digital blue. In addition, Chione™ HD, BASF’s range of synthetic mica will be part of two new concepts: Perfect Skin Complexion related to radiance in skincare and Perfect Glam for Hair & Body related to radiance in rinse-off and soap applications.

® 4V – New compound for cost-competitive shampoo conditioning
BASF’s newly designed compound Plantasil® 4V provides significant improvement with regard to wet and dry conditioning, especially for heavily damaged hair. These properties can be confirmed for different types like Asian or Caucasian hair. Plantasil® 4V allows the formulation of high conditioning shampoos, even with low surfactant content. It is easy to use, cold processable, compatible with all relevant polymers and shows less impact on foaming properties compared to other conditioning additives.

Lys’Sun™ – The shield against solar elastosis
Our lifestyle regularly exposes us to sunlight. We actively seek a healthy skin color which gives us an attractive complexion, without realizing that behind this short term effect lies a far more insidious biological process: photo-ageing. In the dermis, the elastic fibers – mainly composed of elastin – are particularly affected by sunlight. BASF discovered that under UV radiation, there is too much elastin produced in the skin and too little LOX-L enzyme to assemble it into functional elastic fibers. Elastin accumulates and groups together in aggregates that cannot be naturally removed. The skin loses its elasticity and becomes loose, lines deepen and run together: this is known as solar elastosis. Our new active ingredient, Lys’sun™, a witch-hazel extract, is able to stimulate the synthesis of LOX-L, restoring the production of functional elastic fibers. In addition to the sun protection of UV filters, Lys’Sun™ preserves the skin from the imbalances caused by sunlight and helps restore its youthful appearance, repairing damage to fibers in the dermis. Lines are decreased and the skin recovers its firmness.

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