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- 11/17/2017

Benchmarking a new surfactant with automatic analysis in accordance with Ross-Miles

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Comparative investigation of the foamability and foam stability of three surfactants using ASTM D 1173 with the Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA

The ASTM D 1173 standard specifies the equipment configuration and precise measurement sequence for foam analyses according to Ross-Miles. It is an often used method for evaluating the foaming properties of a surfactant. The Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA is the world’s only instrument for to the standard. It increases reading accuracy with regards to measurement time and determined foam height by means of electronic measurement. The RFMA also records the liquid content of the foam, which plays an important role for sensory perception. It is therefore particularly suitable for surfactant benchmarking that is independent from personnel and location.

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The company Lonza Ltd. Consumer Care, in cooperation with the KRÜSS Applications & Science Center, utilized measurements with the RMFA to evaluate their new surfactant PolyaldoTM. The comparison with two other commercial surfactants is part of a comprehensive study in which further properties were investigated. This study will be published in the SOFW Journal. You can already catch a sneak preview summarizing the comparative foam analyses.