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- 10/08/2019

BENEO – A nice cup of chicory root: the natural way to inner happiness

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Go with your gut

Consumers are increasingly paying attention to their digestive health, with more than two thirds of consumers in Europe saying digestive health is very important to them 1 . As understanding of digestive health grows, consumers are now recognising the wider benefits a healthy gut can have on their overall state of feeling good. In particular, they are beginning to understand that a balanced microbiome can positively affect the entire body, with research showing that 63% of consumers in Europe recognise that digestive health plays a very important role in their physical health and 57% see its connection to their mood 2 . This rising focus on the broader, positive health effects that inner well-being can deliver presents an opportunity for manufacturers to innovate and capitalise on the trend. Breakfast – the key occasion for digestive health It’s clear that chicory root fibres aid the upkeep of digestive health and overall inner well-being. Inulin and oligofructose are the only plant-based prebiotics available on the market and make up two out of only three existing scientifically proven prebiotics. They contribute to better digestive health and inner well-being by promoting the growth of beneficial microbiota (Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli) and improving bowel regularity which results in an improved quality of life. Therefore, there is an opportunity for manufacturers to integrate ingredients like BENEO’s Orafti ® Inulin and Oligofructose into food and drink products to deliver the digestive health benefits that consumers are seeking. Consumers see breakfast as the preferred meal time to eat foods which support their digestive health the most 3 . Therefore, just a few grams of chicory root fibres in a bowl of cereal in the morning and another few in their mid-morning snack or in a ready-made coffee, could achieve the effect that consumers desire in their preferred time frame. For many consumers it is impossible to imagine breakfast without the traditional good-morning-coffee – not only because of its energising effect, but also because of its good taste. The BENEO Technology Center took this opportunity to develop an alternative with additional health benefits: A tasty ready-to-drink coffee that provides energy for the day and also promotes intestinal health as a prebiotic fibre source while keeping the blood glucose level in balance.


BENEO’s Ready-to-Drink Coffee Beverage Recipe



Test Recipe


Skimmed milk



Coffee extract











Orafti® Inulin


Minor ingredients (e.g. phosphate, stabilizers, emulsifier)




The wide range of drinkable and edible product ideas available from the BENEO-Technology Center, which incorporate prebiotic chicory root fibres, Orafti ® Inulin and ligofructose, for added health benefits, provide a wealth of opportunity for manufacturers which are looking to innovate. Therefore, developing products using such ingredients can help Manufacturers promote digestive health for the long-term, meet consumer demand for inner well-being and stay ahead of the competition as a result.



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