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- 11/20/2020

BENEO – Eat better, live well. Power up with functional ingredients

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Future wellbeing has become the common goal for consumers worldwide. Nutrition is the starting point in our journey towards the good life, even more so, it is an essential part of it. Strong mental and physical health are the first line of defence and safety net to face new and everyday challenges. Formulate food and drinks that power consumers’ lives without compromising taste or health. Functional ingredients, like prebiotic fibre and slow-release carbohydrates, set them on their way to a fulfilled and healthy life. The pandemic impacted consumers worldwide and inspired them to make more conscious choices when looking at food. Their increased focus is clear: overall health and immunity. And where better to start then with functional ingredients in everyday food. A body that is nourished with care benefits a healthy mind.

PalatinoseTM is a game changer in functional food. It is a steady and balanced source of carbohydrate energy from a natural source that provides its glucose content in a more sustained way. Slow-release energy reduces energy spikes and crashes and provides more long-lasting, good energy.

The slow and yet full digestibility of Palatinose™ results in multiple health benefits ranging from sustained energy supply to increased fat oxidation and prevention of tooth decay. Moreover, there are strong grounds for believing it improves cognitive performance and mood.

Palatinose™ is made from the sugar beet and naturally occurs in honey and sugar cane juice. It enables sugar replacement without making changes to the production process whilst imparting a mild, natural sweetness compared to sucrose.
Apply the science. Get to know all the ways slow carbs can improve metabolism in our webinar. Our experts share their insights on how a lower glycaemic blood glucose and insulin profile in a carbohydrate-rich diet can be beneficial in every stage of life. It also addresses sports requirements. Understand the science and apply it to support consumers in their efforts to eat healthily. Register here.

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