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- 04/24/2019

BENEO – Fibre up your inner wellbeing with prebiotics

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The role that nutrition can play in one’s health has moved on from being purely physical. Consumers are increasingly interested in what it can mean for their emotional well-being as well. “Feeling good” can mean many things to different people. Some love the feeling of being relaxed and at ease, while others enjoy a happy mood and treasure an optimistic or satisfied feeling. 


According to BENEO’s consumer research on prebiotics, 68% of respondents express digestive health to be very important to them. Besides that, 23% of consumers who participated in the same survey have recently read some items on digestive health. According to Health Focus International, 77% of consumers are affected by or concerned about digestive issues.


These statistics show there is significant growing interest in the effect that fibres have on our feeling of wellbeing. People seem to relate healthy nutrition and being in a good mood more often. As much as 50% of consumers worldwide believe the gut microbiome influences their overall health. More specifically, at BENEO we are convinced our prebiotic fibres can have a beneficial effect on people’s daily dose of happiness.


But what drives consumers in ensuring an optimal gut health? The gut is the catalyst to nurture body, heart & soul and people think many aspects can be affected by a well-balanced digestive system. Ranging from a good physical health and managing their weight to supporting daily energy levels and a good mood. These drivers can be strong anchor points to connect with the different consumer segments on the subject of inner wellbeing.

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