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- 03/08/2019

Bormioli Pharma presents a new brand identity to support the company’s growth

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Bormioli Pharma is a leading packaging manufacturer serving the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical market with integrated glass and plastic containers, closures, and packaging accessories using state-of-the-art materials and technologies.


Acquired in November 2017 by the investment fund Triton, Bormioli Pharma is now a forward-looking independent company showing considerable growth and able to compete on a global scale. In particular, Bormioli Pharma is focusing on internationalization, with the establishment of a legal entity in the US – Bormioli Pharma United States Inc. – as well as the opening of a commercial branch in Philadelphia with an on-site sales team.


These measures have already been undertaken, along with a new corporate brand identity, allowing customers to meet the new, more international, Bormioli Pharma at DCat Week in New York on 18th-21th March.


“Small part, Big impact”. The new brand identity.

The future of healthcare is fascinating: it is digital, personal and based on inventiveness. Operating in a market in which the drive for change is getting increasingly stronger, Bormioli Pharma is reshaping itself to lead this transformation, thanks to a new growth strategy.


Bormioli Pharma designs “small objects” that highly impact people’s health: only through obsession with perfecting small things, great things become possible.  Being always upfront of the competition and conscious that the difference between success and failure lays in the details, Bormioli Pharma never stops seeking perfection “putting health in the hands of the world”.


The new brand identity – discover more on https://new.bormiolipharma.com – reflects Bormioli Pharma’s drive for change. A brand-new mindset, for a global innovative company supporting its clients’ growth. To do that, the company has devised a five-year strategic plan focused on internationalization, on the development of a new, outstanding innovation model, on the enhancement of efficiency of the existing platforms, and on the increase of productivity.


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