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- 05/16/2017

Brexit could be also an opportunity for UK Health market

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Despite so far have been always underlined all the problems Brexit may mean for UK, actually Brexit has the potential to offer the UK benefits.

The regulation healthcare products system dates backt to the 60s, thought for an old generation of medicine and devices and the process can be expensive and slow.

With the Brexit and EMA leaving its location in London, UK can modify the system and it will be crucial for the country to create a single national agency for medicines, medical devices and veterinary medical products.

Furthermore the increasing importance of early access to expensive powerful medicines has highlighted the need to bring together in UK regulation and health technology assessment, resulting in a more rapid and efficient overall assessment, but also greater bargaining power over drug pricing.

Regarding to medical devices, the current European regulatory system depends on assessments made by more than 70 “notified bodies”, which are commercial organisations of varying ability. Meanwhile, a new generation of products incorporating both pharmaceuticals and medical devices is rapidly evolving, which presents the opportunity for new forms of regulatory practice without any impediment by European considerations.

Finally, according to an article from the Financial time “a new single agency for the UK that includes health technology assessment could take on all the challenges and create a model system equipped for real advances in regulatory science and making the UK an attractive site to launch new products. What is now needed is openness in discussion, boldness and political commitment.”


Source: The Financial Times

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