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- 02/11/2020

Cleanright – The online resource for sound and expert advice on cleanliness & hygiene

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A.I.S.E., the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance products is re-launching its consumer website. Cleanright is the official reference portal of the detergents and maintenance products industry to inform consumers about the safe and sustainable use of their products at home. appears on billions of products packs across Europe.
Written by industry experts for consumers, this trustworthy online resource on good housekeeping and cleaning at home offers comprehensive information on detergents and maintenance products, together with practical sound advice on how to use them safely and sustainably.
“At a time when consumers are eager to find information online and are exposed to many different sources, we want to make sure that is the official, sound and science-based source of information regarding cleanliness and hygiene, and user-friendly for all.” says Arndt Scheidgen, A.I.S.E. President.

Initially created in 2008, is the official portal common to the whole industry, informing European consumers about cleanliness and hygiene at home. Structured in essentially four main chapters, it provides relevant and useful advice on:
− Cleanliness & hygiene: Consumers are provided with detailed cleaning advice for six different rooms in their household and information about the relevant types of product to use.
− Safe use: Key explanations are conveyed on hazard information and precautionary advice to take when using detergents or maintenance products.
− Sustainable cleaning: Practical tips are given to save energy and water, with guidance and explanations on the industry’s Charter for Sustainable Cleaning and other initiatives by the sector such as compaction and plastic packaging.
− Reading the label: Consumers’ attention is drawn to understanding what a product label conveys, together with comprehensive and very didactic explanations on the symbols and text portrayed on the label.


Sally Bloomfield, Chair of the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene, who contributed to the cleanliness and hygiene chapter of, highlights:
“In our 21st century world, cleanliness remains important for our wellbeing – and, when there is risk of spread of harmful microbes, is as vital as ever to prevent spreading infection. But a key question is : “How can we maximize protection against infection, whilst sustaining exposure to microbes which are essential to our health, and at the same time minimise the environmental impact of cleaning products and reduce the consumption of heat, energy and water resources?” The cleanright resource gives comprehensive practical advice to consumers on how to achieve cleanliness in their homes, whilst also sustaining health and a healthy environment.”
Launched initially in English, will progressively be translated into 21 languages in the coming weeks, to be accessible to the 500 million consumers in Europe. As an industry portal, it does not cover any brand-specific information.

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