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- 10/02/2018

Consumer Friendly Preservation: Kalaguard® SB, the First and Only Sodium Benzoate Preservative for Home Care

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Emerald Kalama Chemical announced the launch of Kalaguard® SB for home care, providing a nature-identical preservation option that is non-irritating, economical, easy to use, and effective in controlling yeasts, molds, and bacteria.

Many traditional preservatives are facing scrutiny and regulatory restrictions. Until now, alternatives to sensitizers and formaldehyde releasers have been very limited, leading to many formulation challenges. Kalaguard® SB provides a more desirable alternative with an excellent chemistry profile: biodegradable, classified as a low-risk substance by the European Commission, and authorized for use under green label programs such as Ecocert, Ecolabel, and Nordic Swan. It does not contain irritating impurities (with a minimum purity of 99.9%) and does not impact formulation odor or color. Emerald is nearing completion for BPR registration and expects availability in early 2019, making Kalaguard® SB the only sodium benzoate preservative available for home care.

Learn more by visiting Emerald at SEPAWA booth A-226. Paul Wanrooij, Business Development Director at Emerald, will present at SEPAWA on 11 October at 9:30, room 1: “PRESERVATION: Introducing Kalaguard® SB Sodium Benzoate, a New Alternative for Home Care Formulations.”

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