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- 09/25/2017

CordenPharma inaugurates third development suite for highly potent oral solid dosage

Pharma Horizon

CordenPharma is pleased to announce the completion of its newest early development suite for Highly Potent, oral solid dosage products in CordenPharma Plankstadt (DE). The new facility allows for the production of small batches, from 100g to approximately 1000g.

CordenPharma Plankstadt’s flexible setup has the appropriate engineering controls to allow for the production of compounds with various potencies and degrees of containment. All steps can be performed, starting from dispensing to film coating, in an engineering controlled environment protecting employees, product and environment.
“We are pleased with the additional development capacity which allows us to cover the full range of capabilities” states Frank Haehner, Managing Director of CordenPharma Plankstadt. “CordenPharma is committed to providing a full-service offering to our clients. This investment in CordenPharma Plankstadt not only expands our capacity but, more importantly, also increases our development capabilities and reaction time to customer inquiries,” states Jason Bertola, Director, Global Highly Potent & Oncology Platform, CordenPharma International.

The investment in CordenPharma Plankstadt is the latest of several announced investments made by CordenPharma during 2017, where further capacity expansion and capabilities were installed in CordenPharma Colorado and CordenPharma Plankstadt to meet growing customer demand.

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