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- 04/18/2016

CosmeticBusiness 2016: trends, markets and new products

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Both the exhibition and the conference programme at CosmeticBusiness on 8 and 9 June 2016 in the Munich MOC events centre provide a compact overview of the product developments of the cosmetics industry and the cosmetics supplies industry of tomorrow.

The conference programme is supported by three corner-stones, with lectures to accompany the exhibitor ‘spotlights’ as well as trend lectures and specialist, technical talks and examines trends in development and product design, digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and foreign markets. “Prospects 2017-2018”, the “Must Have Trends in 2017” dealing with beauty and skincare trends from Korea and Japan and “Cosmetics Supply Chains 2020” – these and other topics are all part of the conference programme at CosmeticBusiness 2016.

Trends and markets for the product developments of tomorrow
The future for product development is likely to involve a combination of design, art and networked integration which are all characteristic features of our age. What trends arise from this, what colourways and harmonies reflect the 2017/18 fashion season, where and how the key accents for the development of decorative cosmetics are set – these are all issues that trend researcher and colour-expert for the Germany Fashion Institute (Deutsches Mode Institut – DMI) Niels Holger Wien will examine in “Prospects 2017-18 – Zeitgeist, Farben, Materialien” (“Prospects 2017-18 – contemporary tastes, colours and materials”). Project Manager at EXALIS GmbH, Johanna Bouko, throws the beauty-products spotlight on the “Must Have Trends for 2017”.

The European cosmetics market is increasingly impacted by trends from numerous inter-continental markets, as well as needing to fit in with changes in various market conditions. The major skin-care trends in Korea and Japan will be one of the specific things to come under the microscope in the conference programme. Among the non-European markets, there is currently increasing focus on Iran. Les Persiennes Consulting provides a prospective study for suppliers of fashion, beauty and luxury items, as well as an initial analysis of the trends and qualities of this young – and often unknown – emerging market in Iran. The conference programme will take a closer look at these topics.

Towards a digital cosmetics sector
The major theme at CosmeticBusiness 2016 will be the digitalisation of the cosmetics sector. The changed way we interact with customers, individualisation and personalisation, and the constant progress of digitalisation throughout the value-creation chain have created a revolution that has been felt throughout the entire cosmetics industry. Tabish Wani, Co-Founder M&W Partners Consulting is an expert in this field. Wani’s lecture “Cosmetics Supply Chains 2020: Challenges and the Role of Data Analytics” will consider the role, significance and methods of data analysis as a basis for rational business decisions with a view to improving results.

CosmeticBusiness SPOTLIGHT
For the second time, products included in the CosmeticBusiness SPOTLIGHT will come under consideration in the specialist programme. This covers the season’s colours, new raw materials and packaging ideas for the future. Exhibitors involved are GRAFE Color Batch, Lifocolor, Metsä Board, Sederma and Seppic. The exhibitors’ SPOTLIGHTS will take place on 8 and 9 June, between 10:30 a.m. and 11:45 a.m.

New stimuli for product development
Natural and quasi-natural raw materials, individual freedom of design and unmistakable brand presentations: some 400 suppliers will present their innovative solutions for future product concepts in the cosmetics industry at the up-coming CosmeticBusiness. Be it raw materials, formulae, manufacturing, packaging or presentation – visitors can expect to see all these new products at the international trade fair of the cosmetics supplying industry in the Munich MOC events centre.

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