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- 10/22/2018

Cosucra is ready for the future in USA, Canada and Mexico

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Cosucra doubles Pea protein capacity

Whether it is because the world population is increasing, for sustainable reasons or to avoid animal proteins… the demand for vegetable proteins is growing. With its local anchorage but global and long-term vision, Cosucra has anticipated this market demand and inaugurates a very efficient new plant of pea ingredients. Being already the market leader in pea protein and with such an investment, Cosucra is ensuring a global positioning in the specialty ingredient for the food and beverage industry with Pisane™, Pea protein isolate, Swelite ™ functional Pea fiber and Nastar ™ functional Pea starch.


Cosucra sets up North American subsidiary

As for Cosucra, North America is one of the world’s most promising markets for pea protein, the Belgian ingredient company has decided to increase our presence in North America, Canada and Mexico with the inauguration of a new subsidiary in the US.

Plant-based protein, gluten-free, allergen-free, clean label solutions or texture improvement are some of the key consumer drivers in US that COSUCRA can help address.


This year, with its corporate booth at Supply Side West exhibition in Las Vegas, Cosucra will highlight its Pea protein isolate Pisane™, its functional Pea fiber Swelite™ and its functional Pea starch Nastar™. The visitors will have the opportunity to taste these naturally-sourced, clean label ingredients in four nutritional concepts:


  • High protein energy bite
  • Protein enriched exercise and cognitive improvement beverage
  • Protein enriched beauty from within and bone health beverage
  • Gluten free nutrient rich popped chips


Cosucra ingredients

Rich in protein, Pisane™ pea proteins combine organoleptic qualities, nutritional value and optimized functionalities. With these ideal nutritional properties, Pisane™ finds its interest in the nutrition market. High digestibility, rich in essential and branched amino acids, low amount in anti-nutritional factors: these are features to break into the markets of sports, dietary and clinical nutrition. In order to meet the technical challenges of food and health manufacturers, Cosucra offers a complete range of plant proteins with specific functional properties. Pisane™ pea proteins meet the technological requirements of plant-based products, high-protein RTD drinks, powder mixes, but also gluten-free products or dairy products.


SWELITE™ is a functional fibre derived from pea. Neutral in taste and colour, free from major allergens or GMOs, this ingredient is used in various sectors of applications including meat or fish products as well as in vegetarian products. Renowned for its water-retention properties, SWELITE™ is perfect for creating meat analogues and substitutes. This fibre ensures the product stability throughout the manufacturing process and guarantees maximum yield. SWELITE™ is the ideal clean label fibre for the new trendy “plant-based” and “free-from” products.


NASTAR™ native pea starch is a tasteless powder extracted from the pea.  NASTAR™, contains a high amount of amylose and has an excellent gelling properties with resistance to shearing, to acid conditions and heat treatments. With such properties, NASTAR™ is used in a lot of applications where strong gels are required and is also well suited for the production of extruded products. Being clean label, non GMO and free from allergens, NASTAR™ meets the demand on the actual food trend.


Local and family values 

Cosucra, a company rooted not only in its region but also in its original values. Since its creation, the founding family has managed the company. From the original factory created in 1852 to their leadership in the pea proteins, Cosucra’s industrial choices have been guided by a long-term vision. From generation to generation, the family business integrates vision and innovation, combined with a specific focus on consumer health and environmental preservation.

In December 2014, Cosucra won the “Family Business Award of Excellence 2014”, which served to underscore the family group’s exemplary management.


Sustainable business

 It is the earth that nourishes the development of Cosucra. That’s why we are very committed to limiting our impact on the environment.

Vegetable crops are the core of our business, and we are very aware that respect for natural resources and environmental management are a great importance for the future. That’s why today we combine highly effective production methods with environmental protection and our efforts to improve environmental performance are a fundamental part of our mission.


Key Figures


  • Founded in 1852
  • Based in Warcoing
  • 250 full-time equivalents
  • Turnover (2018): 100 million EUR
  • 3 millions R&D expenditure
  • Share of export sales in turnover: 92 %  
  • 000T tonnes of CO2 not released thanks to cogeneration

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