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- 04/21/2021

CP Kelco Reports Progress Towards 2022 Sustainability Objectives

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CP Kelco, a global leader of nature-based ingredient solutions, is pleased to announce the results of the company’s global sustainability activities for 2020. The company is committed to more sustainable manufacturing to minimize its environmental impact, in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and its own Triple Bottom Line commitment to people, planet and profit.

Key highlights from 2020 progress towards CP Kelco’s 2022 sustainability objectives include:

• 12% reduction in water use intensity globally across its six plant sites
• 4.4% reduction in energy use intensity
• 6.8% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions intensity
• 4 of CP Kelco’s 6 sites have achieved a >90% landfill waste diversion rate
• 78% of major capital expenditures went toward projects with significant people/planet/profit Triple Bottom Line benefits
• 45% of purchased electricity from renewable sources
• Direct alignment with 4 UNSDGs: (6) clean water and sanitation, (7) affordable clean energy, (8) decent work and economic growth, (12) responsible consumption and production
• Positive contribution to 6 other UNSDGs
• World-class safety performance with no high-energy injuries in 2020

“Despite the global pandemic, teamwork enabled CP Kelco to safely maintain and grow its operations,” said CP Kelco President Didier Viala. “I am especially proud of our outstanding achievements in maintaining our Triple Bottom Line focus. Last year, CP Kelco achieved best-in-class performance for occupational and process safety. We continued to lighten our environmental footprint and we had a significant charitable impact in our local communities,” he added.

Thomas Laursen, Senior Vice President of Operations, also praised the efforts of site employees: “Safety is always our top priority. In a challenging year like 2020, it is even more so. To think we attained a best-in-class safety rating and made great progress towards our sustainability goals is just an amazing achievement. I am very proud of our team at CP Kelco,” he emphasized.

“CP Kelco also made great progress in 2020 towards its UNSDGs, even exceeding our goal of reducing water use intensity of 10%,” said Brian Williams, Vice President of Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability for CP Kelco. “This demonstrates that our deployment strategy of using capital spending to fund projects with Triple Bottom Line benefits is working,” he continued. “We have been very intentional in how we evaluate our projects, ensuring continuous improvement at each step. Every small win for us adds up. It emphasizes that everyone’s participation at every plant matters.”