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- 01/27/2021

Dietary Supplement Ingredient Initiatives Bolster Industry Amid Increased Growth

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Consumers are increasingly prioritizing dietary supplements to support their immune health, weight management and sleep habits. In a recent industry survey, 95 percent of supplement manufacturers report that consumer interest in the power of nutrition to boost health and wellness and support immunity has never been higher.1 Manufacturers seeking to grow their business with this increased demand can turn to DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences (DuPont) expanded dietary supplement ingredient portfolio and newly launched website, equipped to help them develop high-quality, efficacious formulations.

Backed by decades of technical expertise, DuPont‘s sustainably-sourced and plant-based ingredient portfolio is tailored to tackle the toughest formulation challenges, from taste-masking bitter botanicals, to delivering convenient new formats to keeping up with consumers’ evolving preferences and lifestyles. With a finger on the pulse of the industry, DuPont stands poised to help manufacturers grow their business based on survey results that indicate:


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  • Nearly one-third report their toughest manufacturing problem is ensuring ingredients can also enable nutrition claims, such as “sugar free.”2 Instead of attempting to mask the flavor of nutritional ingredients with excessive sweeteners, DuPont works with customers to complement the natural taste.

Manufacturers can discover these innovative offerings and more on DuPont’s new dietary supplement ingredients website. Serving as a robust, holistic hub, customers can refine their search based on their individualized needs – by product, solution or delivery formats – and explore how by leveraging DuPont’s comprehensive and unique portfolio they can turn natural sources into shelf-ready products, in a variety of application forms.

“As the dietary supplement industry expands at a dizzying rate, we’re leveraging our pharmaceutical expertise, as well as our market and industry insights, to equip supplement manufacturers with the innovations they need to stay one step ahead,” said Michael Baumann, global strategic marketing manager, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences. “By partnering with a supplier who understands natural ingredients and the science behind complicated formulations, manufacturers can ensure they’re well equipped to meet any consumer trend now, and into the future.”

Dedicated to ongoing collaboration with supplements manufacturers, DuPont will demonstrate how formulators can create great-tasting, low-sugar gummy supplements while also increasing speed to market in an upcoming webinar “Hydrocolloids: How a Small Part of your Formulation can have a Big Impact on Gummy Success”. Hosted by NutraIngredients, the webinar will take place January 28, at 11:00 AM EST. To register, visit;F:QS!10100&ShowUUID=95D7EF8B-D362-4EBB-B056-A2D4D031B94B/