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- 02/15/2018

Do you know what UV light has to do with your perfume for Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine’s Day is the day of love. Many lovestruck couples want to make this day extra special by giving a present to their partner. In addition to flowers and chocolates, perfume is a very popular gift.

There are perfumes in various concentrations and with the most unusual scents. However, if all these different and highly concentrated odors are mixed together during production, the smell is no longer lovely.

The odorous exhaust air from production is directed outside into the immediate surroundings of the perfume factories. It is not uncommon that neighbors feel massively disturbed and complain to the responsible authorities and offices. Exhaust air requirements for the factories are the result.

These requirements can be met with the use of UV light.
In combination with natural oxygen (O2), UV light generates highly reactive radicals and ozone. These bind with organic substances that are in the perfume exhaust air, thus making the odors in the air harmless.

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