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- 11/05/2020

Dr. Paul Lohmann® High Performance Metal Salts …Salts are our Life!

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Dr. Paul Lohmann® is the world’s leading manufacturer of high value Metal Salts.

More than 400 different Salts “Made in Germany” are supplied to customers around the globe, designed to provide optimum performance across a wide range of applications.

From Aluminium to Zinc and from Ammonium to Tartrate – Dr. Paul Lohmann® is your expert.

Since 1886, a high level of flexibility and an innovative spirit enables Dr. Paul Lohmann® to respond to changing needs. Constantly high quality of our Metal Salts, continuous innovation in production processes and excellent services have been part of the company’s tradition for over 130 years.   

In close cooperation with our customers, Dr. Paul Lohmann® is able to vary numerous physical and chemical parameters of its products such as bulk density, wettability, particle size, purity or pH-value, to transform them to dimensions that can be used in industry, and to adapt them to the needs of ever-changing markets.


Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH & Co. KGaA
Hauptstrasse 2
31860 Emmerthal/Germany
T +49 5155 63-0

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