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- 01/15/2021

Easysnap Technology in Delta Air Lines “care kit”

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Innovative, practical and easy to use: so are Easysnap Technology packaging solutions, which, conceived and developed in Modena, have made their way around the world as they have been chosen by the most important pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food companies to dispense their products. These are semi-rigid single-dose packages for liquid and creamy substances that open with the use of a single hand: no more tabs to tear or parts to discard, no more caps to unscrew, simply fold them in half.


These solutions based on the “one hand opening” principle are born from the intuition of Modena-based Easysnap Technology – from which the unidose is also named – whose goal is to create a new way of opening things.



Objective fully achieved: the study and attention of the company – led by CEO Andrea Taglini – have in fact led to the creation of this single-dose that is truly accessible to everyone: children, the elderly, people with disabilities. Highly intuitive, extremely simple and light but also resistant, Easysnap® is also able to dispense the content in a precise, clean and waste- free way, guaranteeing the right quantities and a very high product return.


Thanks to this new solution, the company based in the heart of the Packaging Valley has managed to establish itself globally, both by packaging products for other world giants, and by selling the machines designed to carry out packaging in Easysnap®.


An extraordinary acceleration in the spread of Easysnap® was given by the new prescriptions connected to the health emergency: this packaging designed for liquid and semi-liquid solutions has in fact found a perfect application in the hand sanitizer market: practical, safe and convenient to carry and to use, it has been chosen by major brands to package their gels, but it has also been used by the company itself to create its own corporate brand of “Snap for Clean” sanitizer.


And it is no coincidence that Delta Air Lines – the best US airline in overseas business travel – has chosen the Easysnap® single-dose for the sanitizing gel included in their “care kit” for passengers.


So every day millions of travelers have the opportunity to experience this revolutionary way of opening packages: folding them with the fingers of one hand.


Purchases on large online platforms have also taken off, reaching record numbers and obtaining excellent feedback from users who rate the Easysnap® of sanitizing gel. Some have called them “a miracle of invention”, some “the product of the year”, some “the best discovery after sliced ​​bread, thin and easy to use”. In general, those who have tried them consider them a brilliant solution that you can no longer do without.


If the hand sanitizer in the Covid era has found exceptional consumption, there are nevertheless numerous products and sectors to which the company has paid attention: the Easysnap® package in fact has also found application in the food sector for sauces, honey, various condiments and supplements, in the pharmaceutical sector for various drugs in liquid form, and in the cosmetic sector for creams and make-up.


Easysnap Technology does not intend to stop: innovation and far-sightedness have always been the cornerstones that will continue, even in the future, to impose new standards and new goals.

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