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- 10/16/2019

Emerald to present new developments in multifunctionals and optimizing preservation at Sepawa

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The technical team at Emerald Kalama Chemical has innovated unique strategies to boost preservation efficacy and performance in household care products, including cleaners and detergents. New data will be presented in multiple presentations at Sepawa in Berlin, October 23 – 25.

Methods discussed will include the use of new BPR registered solutions (Kalaguard® SB sodium benzoate), boosters, and pKa manipulation with surfactants.

Multifunctionals to Elevate Home Care Product Performance and Boost Preservation Robustness will be presented by Kelly Pippine, global marketing and strategy director at Emerald, on Wednesday, 23 October at 9:00

“The preservatives palette continues to shrink, and consumers are paying more attention to the ingredients in the products they purchase. It remains critical for formulators to ensure products are effectively preserved while also meeting consumer needs,” Pippine said.

Pippine explained that multifunctional ingredients provide effective solutions to enhance robustness and performance characteristics, such as cleaning efficacy, while also reducing the number of ingredients on the label and avoiding or reducing preservatives under regulatory pressure.

“Aside from the active ingredient, there are a broad number of formulation considerations that can help boost robustness. In the presentation, I will discuss different aspects of the formulation that impact robustness and how to utilize multifunctional ingredients to meet the needs of both consumers and formulators,” Pippine said.

Preservation Case Studies: Kalaguard SB Sodium Benzoate for Home Care Formulations will be presented by Paul Wanrooij, Global Business Director at Emerald, on Friday, 25 October at 12:30.

The presentation will include efficacy and stability data for model formulations with Kalaguard SB sodium benzoate, including fabric conditioner, hand dishwash liquid and laundry detergent.

“We explored a number of challenging situations that home care formulators may experience, which could impact the efficacy or ease-of-use with registered preservatives. I will discuss clear methodologies to optimize preservation up to pH 7 using Kalaguard SB, which is green, non-irritating and consumer friendly,” Wanrooij said.

Emerald recently completed EU BPR registration (PT 06) for Kalaguard SB, making it the only BPR registered sodium benzoate preservative available to home care formulators.

Wanrooij described Kalaguard SB as a consumer friendly solution: “it is nature identical, biodegradable and listed for use by green label programs such as Ecocert, Ecolabel and Nordic Swan. It’s also classified as non-irritating to the skin and as a low-risk substance by the European Commission.”

Attendees at Sepawa can also learn more by visiting Emerald’s stand in hall E (#708), where they can play a game to “preserve memories” and potentially win a prize.

Emerald Kalama Chemical is a global producer of high quality ingredients that bring value and performance to global home care and personal care brands. Visit for more information.

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