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- 05/25/2021

Emotional Effects Induced by the Application of a Cosmetic Product: A Real-Time Electrophysiological Evaluation

HPC Today

Well-being is an essential concept in cosmetics, but its complexity makes it very difficult to measure. The goal of the present study was to use electroencephalography (EEG) to compare the emotions induced by the application of two cosmetic products, and to offer to the experimenter a real-time representation of the participants’ emotional state. Fifteen female subjects participated in a cross-over study. Two cosmetic products of similar consistency were compared and applied from the dominant hand to the non-dominant hand. During the application, the neural activity of each participant was recorded with EEG. We found that the most appreciated product was the one that induced emotions with the most positive valence and the higher arousal, as recorded by EEG. Moreover, the videos recorded of each participant allowed us to attest to the differences in emotion processing for each product in real-time. This exploratory study shows that EEG can be successfully used to assess the emotions induced by the application of a cosmetic product, and in real-time. This technique could be a useful adjunct to other methods of examining emotions, such as observational experiments, surveys, and questionnaires.