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- 05/02/2018

Emulsun®—New Low-Cost, PEG-Free Natural Emulsifier

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Emulsun is a low-cost, o/w emulsifier derived from sunflower. Emulsun offers formulators the flexibility to achieve target viscosity without the use of secondary emulsifiers. Emulsun can form liquid crystal emulsions without shear mixing. Studies show Emulsun can improve sensory appeal and skin hydration. Emulsun is in the form of easy to handle particles.

Create better emulsions with Emulsun.

Floratech provides innovative botanical, stable and functional ingredients to formulators of high quality cosmetics and personal care products worldwide.

Floratech launched Emulsun at in-cos Global. Visit Floratech at NYSCC stand 818 to find out more about this new emulsifier plus oil-free jojoba esters, jojoba derivatives, macadamia oil and derivatives, stabilized high-oleic sunflower seed oil, and specialty particles.

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