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- 01/08/2019

European Solvents Industry Group (ESIG) launches its Solvents Award

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

In 2019, the European Solvents Industry Group (ESIG) will launch its Solvents Award.
What is the ESIG Solvents Award?

The ESIG Solvents Award is our way to highlight the safe and sustainable use of solvents with respect to health and safety, environmental protection or product performance or any combination of those. The ESIG Solvents Award will replace the ESIG Product Stewardship Award, which was first handed out in 2000.

Who can apply?
Applications are open to downstream users of solvents, including anyone involved in the distribution, formulation, storage or use of a solvent. The award is an excellent opportunity to tell your story about how you boosted product performance, improved environmental protection, or looked after the health and safety of your workers.
Application period: 1st February to 30th April For further information, please consult the Award page:


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