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- 06/17/2020

Evident Ingredients a new Specialty Raw Materials Supplier

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The Germany based and newly founded raw materials supplier Evident Ingredients GmbH has started operations with effect of June 1st. With a Management Team experienced in the R&D and global marketing of Specialties, Evident Ingredients’ focus is set on effective natural protection of Personal Care products. With fresh ideas and a global network of sourcing partners for natural materials the Evident Mission is to offer sustainable and reliable antimicrobials for preservation and a range of plant based raw materials such as robust and natural anti-oxidants, reliable emulsifiers and functional vegetable alternatives to synthetic oils. The philosophy regarding product selection embraces a scientific approach to ensure maximum efficacy of all products. A complete range of efficacy-proven and globally approved materials guarantees formulators a short way to a safe and stable product. With their formulation advice, scientific knowledge and customer orientation Evident Ingredients is dedicated to support their partners and to shorten development cycles and time to market of their customers.



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