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- 05/15/2017

Evonik explores benefits of anthocyanins for cognitive health

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Evonik has presented  its latest findings on anthocyanins at the polyphenols forum at Vitafoods 2017, a nutraceuticals trade fair held in Geneva, Switzerland.

New studies suggest that anthocyanins may benefit cognitive health.
The Vitafoods organizers have selected research conducted by Evonik and Professor Dag Aarsland, a specialist in dementia and dementia research at King’s College in London, as an industry success story.
Anthocyanins are naturally occurring, highly potent antioxidants. They are predominantly found in blue, purple, red or bluish-black fruits and vegetables. Evonik produces a proprietary anthocyanin-rich extract from wild Scandinavian bilberries and blackcurrants from New Zealand. The extract, marketed as an ingredient for functional foods under the name Healthberry®, is also used in MEDOX®, a highly successful nutritional supplement available in Norway to consumers via
Numerous scientific studies suggest that anthocyanins have cardiovascular benefits. Recently, attention has turned to their potential advantages for cognitive health. A past study carried out by Professor Aarsland’s team demonstrated that the anthocyanins in MEDOX® safeguard cells and cells transfected with Alzheimer mutation against neurotoxic substances. On that basis, a team of researchers at the Center of Age-Related Research at the renowned Stavanger University Hospital decided to conduct a placebo-controlled clinical trial with elderly participants having an elevated risk of dementia. Specifically, they investigated whether the anthocyanins can prevent memory dysfunction.
Dr. Anne Katrine Bergland, a specialist in geriatric medicine from Professor Aarsland’s team, and Dr. Ian Grayson from Evonik reported  on these promising new findings at Vitafoods.
Moreover, at its booth, and in the New Ingredient Zone at the trade fair, Evonik has showcased ways to formulate Healthberry® in functional foods – for example, in effervescent tablets, energy bars and gummy bears.

Evonik has also presented  its controlled release technologies for ingredients in nutritional supplements, which allow for precise dosage and bioavailability improvement.

Dr. Ludger Eilers, Director Food Segment at Evonik, explains: “Advanced formulations with controlled release characteristics are gaining importance. With our EUDRAGUARD® functional excipient platform and extensive formulation technology experience, we can help customers develop the next generation of nutraceuticals and functional foods.”
A global network of application technology laboratories enables Evonik to provide customers with local support for the development of innovative formulations – from feasibility studies to analytics, prototyping and commercial-scale manufacturing in a network of trusted partners.

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