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- 05/26/2017

Evonik texture concept wins Sensory Award

HPC Today

Creams with a surprise effect, which turn into an oily film or milk-like droplets on the skin, add fun to daily skin care. The global Evonik leave-on team recently won the bronze-level Sensory Award for three formulations of this kind, which were presented at the in-cosmetics 2017 tradeshow.

The trend toward exciting, transforming textures is coming from Asia, and two of Evonik’s award-winning formulations were also developed in the internal application technology laboratory in China. “Luxurious Whipped Cream” has a whipped cream like texture that is particularly easy to apply to the skin and is quickly absorbed. The oil-in-water (O/W) emulsifier ABIL® Care XL 80 by Evonik contributes to the cream’s velvety-soft feel when spread on the skin. “Magic Cream to Milk” was also developed by Evonik experts in China. During application, the cream generates small milk droplets on the skin that create a light feeling. ABIL® EM 180, a high-performance water-in-oil (W/O) emulsifier, plays a key role in this formulation.

In contrast, the “Caring Oil Release Cream” was created in Germany to suit the preferences of European users and leaves a moisturizing oil film on the skin. In this case, Evonik worked with TEGO® Care 450, a universal, PEG-free emulsifier for formulating O/W creams and lotions.

“This is just a small section of our global textures concept,” said Tammo Boinowitz, head of the Personal Care business line of Evonik. Thanks to the company’s own application technology laboratories in China, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, Latin America, Germany, and the United States, the company is in a particularly good position to respond to regional trends and consumer needs. “Our product portfolio of emulsifiers, along with our formulating experience and market knowledge form the basis for innovative, consumer-oriented formulations,” says Boinowitz.