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- 04/20/2017

Five minutes at In-Cosmetics with…
Wilfrid Gambade, DSM

HPC Today


During the in-cosmetics days, Mr. Wilfrid Gambade, President of the Personal Care & Aroma division in DSM, shared with the press the satisfaction for the great results reached by DSM.
What is the secret for your growing success?  We know that often the answer is in the science of the products and the human resources involved. Can you comment?

This is absolutely true. Success is always a combination of factors, but our committed, professional people always come first. DSM 2018 targets were announced at the Capital Day in November 2015. We made a commitment to achieve profitable, above-market sales growth in all markets, Personal Care not being an exception. We made clear strategic choices for our business that will enable us in achieving these ambitious targets

  • Attract top talent from the industry
  • Build strong partnerships with our customers
  • Execute a two-pillar innovation strategy
  • Maximizing the strength of 3-segment portfolio (sun, skin and hair)

With all these enablers we are on track to achieve our ambitious targets.

The PARSOL®range of UV filters offers today a new development which involves “blue light”. can you enter into details?

We’re so focused on protecting our skin in the sun, we rightly assume safety indoors. But if you use a phone, tablet or any electronic device, your skin might suffer from blue light. Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum that has a very short, high-energy wavelength. While 40% of it comes from the sun, 60% comes from electronic devices. Consumers are gradually becoming aware of its risks, but of the 40,000 skin care products that were launched last year, just nine claimed protection against blue light. DSM is investigating this area and has developed two new ‘In and Out’ formulations. Our BCT (Beta Carotene Study) confirmed blue light to be a major source of oxidative stress at the skin’s surface. That’s why our newly developed formulations contain our UV-filter PARSOL®Max, our active PEPHA®-AGE and our vitamin active Niacinamide PC. All this shields the skin from blue light sources – indoors and outdoors.

Together with the PARSOL®filters, the PEPHA®AGE as well contributes at the sun protection. How?

DSM researchers have identified, for the first time, the potential of the freshwater algae Scenedesmus rubecens to stimulate skin’s own defense against the negative impact of sunlight. Extended studies on Collagen III, free radicals and epidermal cell protection confirmed outstanding protection and regeneration of Scenedesmus rubecens against the effects caused by UV and blue light.

And what about the latest news on hair care?

Last year DSM issued a challenge: Dare to change your hair. And it evidently touched a nerve, as DSM consumer insight research around the world, including new data from Brazil, confirmed. Feedback showed that a large majority of women would like to be more adventurous with their hair. It also revealed they are looking for novel products, testers and samples to provide an impulse to get creative. So this year DSM is backing its challenge with more concepts, formulations and versatile yet reliable ingredients from its TILAMAR®hair care and styling product range that put the fun back into experimenting, and empower women to express themselves freely.

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