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- 04/26/2017

Five minutes at In-Cosmetics with…
Patrick Weismueller, Evonik

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EVONIK attended In-cosmetics 2017 after two important acquisitions: Air Products and Dr. Straetmans (Please note, that the closing is not finished yet. So formally the acquisition is not finished), two names very well known in the business:  what does it mean in terms of strategy and vision in the market?

Both acquisitions allow us to complement the broad specialties portfolio of our cosmetics business and to further consolidate our position as a leading global partner for the cosmetics industry. The core competency of Air Products is delivery systems for active ingredients. A wide technology portfolio ensures that the active ingredient always penetrates into the right layer of the skin. The beauty of it is that these technologies can be combined with many active ingredients already existing at Evonik.
Dr. Straetmans is a perfect match, both strategically and culturally, for us. We intend to develop the company’s business globally beyond its existing markets in Europe and the United States. The company’s Hamburg site will become Evonik’s global competence center for preservative solutions. Our aim is to offer cosmetics manufacturers new solutions enabling them to distinguish themselves from the competition. In the future, we will be able to offer complete formulation systems, including preservation. In doing so, we make an important contribution to optimizing our customers’ development work.


In London EVONIK introduced  the  ANTIL® 500 Pellets, a rheology modifier,  TEGO® Pep 4-Comfort, a new cosmetic active ingredient: how do these products fit in your portfolio? Can you add also a short comment on their properties?

ANTIL® 500 Pellets, is a novel and versatile rheology modifier for various cleansing formulations. As an innovative hydrophilic polymer, it enables a significant reduction of the active surfactant level in standard cleansing formulations. In addition, the extraordinary efficiency and high flexibility of ANTIL® 500 Pellets facilitate the thickening of challenging surfactant systems, such as sulfate-free formulas, effectively supporting the trend for milder cleansing in personal care. It is our innovative solution for the development of mild and cost-effective surfactant-based skin and hair care formulations.
There are numerous mechanisms that can favor the development of sensitive skin, so we aimed for the broadest possible active profile when we developed TEGO® Pep 4-Comfort. As a result, the tetrapeptide is suitable for an extremely wide variety of applications, such as aftershaves, creams and lotions, sunscreen products, after-sun products, and cosmetic products for daily care regimens, particularly for sensitive skin.    


Can you comment on your “Sensory Kaleidoscope – Making skin feel visible” concept?

At this year’s in-cosmetics Global we introduced Sensory Kaleidoscope 2.0, a further development of our innovative interactive tool, which helps to achieve the desired skin feel. Using this tool, the effect of numerous cosmetic formulations can be mapped based on their sensory properties. Now, even more emulsifiers and formulations have been integrated into the online tool. It is derived by analyzing available sensory panel data of all formulations based on a specific emulsifier, e.g. ABIL® EM 180. This allows a visual distinction of the skin feel of selected formulation examples. 

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