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- 10/26/2020


Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today
Following on from the success of the Flow Chemistry Pavilion at ACHEMA 2018, the second edition of the Flow Chemistry Pavilion at ACHEMA 2021 (14-18th June, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) expands to host a 2-day Symposium dedicated to all things flow!


The 2-day Symposium is organized by TKS Publisher and takes place on Wednesday June 16th to Thursday June 17th, kicking off at 10.00 a.m.  The agenda features Industrial Case Studies, reactions in flow, reactors and auxiliary equipment, 3D printing, mathematical modelling, work-up and much more!


ACHEMA delegates can attend the conference at no additional registration cost.  Stay tuned, the final agenda will be released in the next few months. 
To learn more on the Flow chemistry Pavilion and Symposium please visit our website:


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Founded in 1983, it represents an outstanding source of information for a huge worldwide readership which reaches scientists, researchers, universities, marketing and sales managers, CEOs. Its contents keep up with the latest trends, products and technologies. Since 2008, Teknoscienze is the organiser of several scientific events, going in depth on some of the hottest topics of the moment and it takes care of it all – from the initial idea to its targeted promotion, from the speaker selection and logistics management up to the very final networking occasion.



Chemtrix BV offers a scalable flow reactor portfolio that affords researchers & industrialists the tools required to harness the advantages of primary continuous manufacturing.  We combine expertise in the field of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering & chemistry to help our customers to benefit from the advantages that flow chemistry brings.  Our expertise enables us to offer scalable & flexible flow chemistry solutions, focussing on delivering our Customers higher profits by accessing new chemical possibilities via a safe & reliable scale-up from lab to production-scale.  Working closely with academia & industry, we work to change the way that chemical processes are developed & implemented.  Our global user base spans research institutes & government laboratories to leaders in the fine chemical, specialty & pharmaceutical industries.

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