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- 04/19/2017

For effective, skin-friendly sun protection

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At in-cosmetics Global, Covestro will be showcasing skin-friendly, long-lasting sun protection formulations based on Baycusan® film formers, among other things.
Covestro stellt auf der in-cosmetics Global Kosmetikmesse unter anderem hautfreundliche und dauerhafte Sonnenschutz-Formulierungen auf Basis seiner Baycusan® Filmbildner vor.

Covestro has presented a innovative beauty solutions based on Baycusan® polyurethane raw materials at in-cosmetics Global in London. One theme of the exhibit was skin-friendly, long-lasting sun protection formulations.

Children and surfers, in particular, can look forward to this year’s swim season, because formulations containing the film-former Baycusan® C 1004 are extra water-resistant. They retain more than 50 percent of their initial sun protection factor for over an hour even after repeated exposure to water.
Lasting sun protection
Even those who sweat while exercising on the beach can rely on long-lasting protection. In sauna tests, Covestro proved that over 60 percent of the sun protection factor is maintained. Thanks to its outstanding breathability, Baycusan® C 1004 is very well-suited to protecting people from the sun when exercising.

“In view of the good rub-off resistance, we expect the skin to be sufficiently protected from the sun’s radiation even after drying off with a towel,” said Dr. Sophie Viala from the cosmetics team at Covestro. “Corresponding studies currently are being conducted.”

The sun protection products are easy to apply and absorb quickly. Because the skin is not sticky, sand does not adhere to it and children won’t complain about that unpleasant, scratchy feeling. Covestro demonstrated these results using a method developed in-house: Up to 25 percent less sand adhered to the substrate when treated with sun protection formulations containing Baycusan® C 1004 than with samples without the film-former.

Skin-friendly sun protection

Consumers increasingly are in search of sun protection solutions for sensitive skin. Conventional formulations can irritate the eyes when the UV absorber responsible for sun protection migrates to the skin’s surface. Customers want products that offer comprehensive protection against harmful UV radiation but do not irritate the skin.

Sun protection products containing the film-former Baycusan® C 1000 are highly suitable for use on sensitive skin. They reduce the migration of UV absorbers to the skin’s surface by up to 80 percent. Another advantage of Baycusan C1000 in sun care is its ability to stabilize oil –in-water emulsions, producing more homogenous tighter structure in the emulsion. This co-emulsifying ability also allows to reduce or eliminate presence of the emulsifiers typically used in sun care products. Hence, with Baycusan C1000 it is possible to achieve a combination of high performance sun protection products with light feel, suitable for sensitive skin and babies.

Invisible and comfortable sun protection
Consumers want highly effective sun protection products that display high fresh water and salt water resistance, and form a transparent film even on wet skin. With the new, ethanol-based polyurethane film-former Baycusan® C 2000, Covestro has developed precisely the right product to meet these requirements. Even without the further addition of ethanol, sun protection oils formulated with this product feel pleasantly dry on the skin.

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