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- 12/05/2016

Four central reforms to be kept in mind by Mr. Price

Pharma Horizon

Donald Trump’s plan to replace Obamacare has began with the selection of House Budget Committee Chairman and six-term Georgia Representative Tom Price as the next secretary of Health and Human Services and of the Indiana health-policy consultant Seema Verma to run the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 

Tom Price has been one of the most consistent opponents of the Affordable Care Act in Congress, and has written perhaps the most comprehensive Republican alternative to the bill. Clear  signals that Trump is making his vision of healthcare reform a top priority

The new system should be fully consumer driven, empowering individuals to be the surveyors and purchasers of their care. Past reforms in this direction became stilted and ultimately incomplete, but the current moment offers a chance to truly rebuild from the ground up. If Messrs. Trump and Price want to make the most of this short window, Mr. James C. Capretta and Scott Gottlieb suggest on The Wall Street Journal, they should keep four central reforms in mind.

  1. Provide a path to catastrophic health insurance for all Americans
  2. Accommodate people with pre-existing health conditions
  3. Allow broad access to health-savings accounts
  4. Deregulate the market for medical services. 

To read the full article: Wall Street Journal 



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Wall Street Journal 12/02/2016


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