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- 10/16/2019

Gale&Cosm – New Galehemp Line: emulsifiers and water dispersible oil from hemp

H&PC Today

Gale & Cosm presents a brand-new line of personal care ingredients derived from hemp seed oil.

Galehemp® Line is composed by two liquid emulsifiers Galehemp® OW, Galehemp® WO and a water dispersible oil Galehemp®WS. The common features of the entire line are: the liquid form, suitable for cold processing, PEG-free, remarkable formulation versatility and excellent cutaneous tolerance profile. Hempseed oil or “hemp oil” is obtained by hemp seeds and has unexpected benefits for the skin thanks to the high Essential Fatty Acids content (75%), especially omega-6 and omega-3 and Vitamins.

The Hemp Oil used in the manufacturing process of all Galehemp®Line products is certified as non-psychoactive ingredient (not ecceeding 0.2%).

The hemp oil has irritation calming properties, while enhancing new cell generation; it softens, calms, relieves sensitive or irritated skin, it not excessively oily, balances out oily skin by regulating the skin’s oil production. It limits the loss of water in the skin, preventing dehydration.

Come to visit us at Sepawa Congress, 23-25 October, Booth # 305 to find out more.

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