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- 12/20/2016

Gelest, Inc. releases new edition of the Metal-Organics Handbook

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Gelest has released its new Metal-Organics Handbook, “METAL-ORGANICS for Materials, Polymers & Synthesis,” which details more than 50 new compounds and features 15 new or expanded technical articles.  The 2016 edition includes pieces on the use of metal triflates in organic synthesis, applications of zirconium compounds in synthesis, and synthetic applications of organoaluminum compounds. It also offers expanded Phosphorous, Aluminum and Tin sections, and includes a range of new and innovative metal-organic products across an array of elements.

Gelest’s handbook contains valuable information on the use, handling and properties of metal-organic materials, and has been a key reference guide for scientists over the years.  Additional entries include an expanded article on germanium compounds in organic synthesis, a new article on organoaluminum compounds for synthetic organic chemistry and alanes for Ziegler-Natta polymerization, and a new article on synthetic organic transformations catalyzed by organozirconium compounds. 

The product offerings are organized by element, enabling scientists to easily locate desired materials. New products include metal triflates for use in organic synthesis, plus many new materials for microelectronics and catalysis.  The Phosphorus and Aluminum product lines include new industrial phosphines and alkylaluminums in solution, making them less hazardous for handling, and non-pyrophoric complexes of alkylaluminum and gallium.

Gelest’s metal-organic products are used for research in a wide variety of scientific disciplines. They are also used in commercial products that find applications in Catalysis, Conductive Coatings, Coupling Agents, Metallization, Microelectronics, Polymer Synthesis, Solid State Ionics, Superconductors, as well as Synthetic Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

To obtain a copy of ““METAL-ORGANICS for Materials, Polymers & Synthesis,” or for more information about how Gelest can assist your new product development initiatives, please contact: Gabrielle Lockwood, Customer Service and Communications Manager, at 215-547-1015 or

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