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- 10/30/2020

Gerresheimer mold making in China certified Medical technology specialist expands its range of services in Asia

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To date, injection molding tools have been maintained and optimized at the Gerresheimer location Dongguan (China). Since certification according to DIN ISO 9001 in July 2020, the company now also builds complete molds. Gerresheimer in this way makes itself more independent of local mold makers and can offer the professional, cost-efficient construction of injection molding tools for its customers extending beyond its own needs.

Mold prototypes are produced by a team of 8 employees for our customers at the Dongguan location. The maintenance and optimization of molds are still part of the service offering. In addition to this, molds for series production in Asia, Europe, and the USA are manufactured there. “With the expanded portfolio of offerings in mold making, we adjust to the needs of our various customer segments. In the pharmaceuticals and medical technology markets, cost-efficient molds that can be delivered quickly for start-ups and development projects are required. We now offer the appropriate solution for precisely this,” explains Manfred Baumann, Global Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Administration & TCC, Gerresheimer Medical Systems.

Mold making in Dongguan consciously understands itself not as competition, but instead as supplementing the more comprehensive offering of services at the German location of Wackersdorf. While highly complex, high-cavity molds can be built for pharmaceutical and medical technology large series production there, the offering of services in China is limited to molds with an average degree of complexity. What really distinguishes mold making in Dongguan much more is the combination of German quality standards with the speed and the attractive prices of the China location.

Gerresheimer already started in 2018 with redesigning its department for mold maintenance and optimization at the South Chinese production location in Dongguan into a full-fledged mold making facility. In 2019, a start was made toward creating the process description, which is the prerequisite for certification according to the quality management standard DIN ISO 9001.

The certification audit then took place in May 2020 – for the first time in an online process due to the corona pandemic. The quality management system of the location is now certified by the DQS, taking effect on July 19, 2020.

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