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- 11/02/2016

Grace, Bunge Sign Global License Agreement Related to New Trans Fat-Free Technology for Processing Edible Oils

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W. R. Grace & Co. announces the signing of a global license agreement to supply Trisyl® 150IE silica to Bunge Limited, a leading global agribusiness and food company, for use in its new edible oils processing technology.

According to terms of the agreement, Grace’s Trisyl ® 150IE custom silica will be utilized by the industry in Bunge’s patented enzymatic interesterification technology to process edible oils.

This new technology is a healthier and more efficient alternative to partial hydrogenation, a process that has been the industry standard but is being phased out by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by 2018.

Based on immobilizing enzymes, Bunge’s new process produces no trans fats, requires fewer processing steps, occurs naturally at a lower, energy-saving temperature, and improves the stability of vegetable oil.


“Our novel enzymatic interesterification technology is a more efficient, sustainable, and healthier alternative to traditional processing technologies, and is now available to the global edible oil industry,” said Chris Dayton, Bunge’s Director of Fats and Oils Processing.  “We are pleased to partner with Grace,  a global leader in silica technology, to develop Trisyl®150IE silica, which materially extends the life of the enzymes, making our process even more efficient.” 


Al Beninati, President of Grace Materials Technologies and Specialty Catalysts, said, “Trisyl ® silica has broad functionality. We have tailored this unique grade for Bunge’s new oil processing technology, which has tremendous potential. Grace is excited about the opportunity to work with an industry leader to play an important role in this emerging, greener, healthier technology.”

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