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- 07/06/2017

Grace enters agreement with Valliscor to provide fluorinated intermediates for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharma Horizon

W. R. Grace & Co. announces a Master Services Agreement with Valliscor, an Oregon-based manufacturer of fluorinated building blocks, to provide fluorinated intermediates that are used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, and specialty chemicals.
The partnership brings together Valliscor’s proprietary fluoroalkylation technology with Grace’s cGMP manufacturing capability. The Albany site has more than 30 years of custom manufacturing experience in multi-step organic, organometallic, and chiral chemistry, and integrated grams-to-kilos-to-tons production. The partnership with Valliscor brings the industry a strong U.S.-based source for the manufacture of fluorinated intermediates.
“This agreement will allow Grace to expand our advanced intermediates business for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturers and enable Valliscor to broaden its market for fluoroalkylation technology,” said Brett Reynolds, Grace’s Global Business Director, Fine Chemicals.
Recently, Grace opened a cGMP-compliant Kilo Suite at its Albany, OR facility to produce advanced intermediates of high quality, consistency, and control. Last year, Grace opened a cGMP release Quality Control lab in Albany, to validate analytical methods and perform GMP release of starting materials and advanced intermediates.
“Our partnership with Valliscor and the additional capability it provides to our emerging and large pharma customer base reflects Grace’s growing commitment to this segment,” said Sandra Wisniewski, President, Grace Materials Technologies.