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- 04/23/2021

GREENTECH takes majority stake in Groupe SOLACTIS to form a leader in Food & Feed Ingredients

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The GREENTECH group, French leader in biotechnologies, announces the signing of a definitive agreement and becomes the majority shareholder of Groupe SOLACTIS, the French specialist in ingredients intended for human and animal food, active on the microbiota.

“SOLACTIS Group” becomes “SOLACTIS Food and Feed Ingredients” and sets up its head office in Saint Beauzire, in the heart of Auvergne renowned for its excellence in agriculture and agri-food.

A major step in GREENTECH’s development
“This majority stake of GREENTECH in Groupe SOLACTIS marks a major step in the development of Greentech’s portfolio towards B to B ingredients, for human and animal food. This is a unique opportunity for GREENTECH to boost its customer offer in prebiotics and symbiotics, complementary to plant extracts, algae and microalgae for which the Greentech group is the European leader. The Group is thus continuing its growth objectives”, declared Jean-Yves BERTHON, founder and CEO of GREENTECH, adding: “SOLACTIS is a strong growth company, with leadership positions in the market. This acquisition of a majority position creates value for our group and supports our ambition to become a leader in life sciences. This transaction will lead us to further accelerate our transformation and strengthen our multi-market and cross-fertilization approaches.”

A buyout that is part of the continuity for SOLACTIS
“We are delighted to join GREENTECH, a leading player in biotechnologies and in particular fermentation and extraction with more than 25 years of success. Their strategic orientation is perfectly aligned with our businesses, while expertise and technological and formulation synergies will accelerate our growth. For our customers and our employees, the operation is part of the continuity, and reinforces our current strategy », declared Pascal RONFARD, CEO of SOLACTIS Food and Feed Ingredients.