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Chimica Oggi – Chemistry Today Journal, born in 1983, on fine chemicals, applied chemistry and biotechnology, 
Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech Journal (1990), on nutraceuticals, functional foods and healthy ingredients,
H&PCToday – Household and Personal Care Today Journal (2003) on Personal Care, Cosmetics, Dermatology, Home Care and I&I born in 2003, 
Pharma Horizon Journal (2016), on Pharma manufacturing value chain.
All this means:
35 years of science and applied research for the industry!
TKS Publisher represents an outstanding, necessary source of information for a huge worldwide readership which reaches scientists, researchers, universities, marketing and sales managers, CEO. Moreover, TKS Publisher grants a broad, reliable offer of web services, conferences and workshops (i.e. The Flow Chemistry Symposium editions) – and this leads to a digital and personal NETWORKING.
In summary, TKS Publisher is: scientific information, market trends, training, networking, open arena …
What else?


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