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- 04/24/2019

IBSA provides innovative and effective technological solutions for the nutraceutical market

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IBSA, Institut Biochimique SA, is a privately owned pharmaceutical company founded in 1945 and is one of the world leaders in the fertility area and in hyaluronic acid-based products. The IBSA Group employs 1,600 people, spread among the Headquarters in Switzerland and its 10 branches in Europe, China and USA; 116 people work in its 14 Research and Development laboratories.

Present on 5 continents and over 80 countries, the Group has achieved a relevant position in the global markets thanks to its advanced manufacturing technologies and innovative products.

Founded in 1992, IBSA Farmaceutici Italia, the Italian branch of the IBSA Group, has its headquarters in Lodi, offices in Rome and two production sites. The company has grown rapidly in recent years, now employing more than 500 people and becoming a leading economic, scientific and industrial reality in the Italian pharmaceutical sector. IBSA provides new methods for administering drugs, such as pre-filled syringes, soft gelatine capsules, orodispersible films, medicated transdermal patches and creams and gels in Bag-on-Valve, with the aim of truly improving patients’ compliance and quality of life.

The company’s research and development activity employs advanced technology to study new methods for administering drugs and supplements; in the area of nutraceuticals IBSA offers two specific solutions suitable to satisfy the needs of clients and consumers.


  • The Softgel Capsule: IBSA’s exclusive Softgel technology allows either an oily solution or a suspension to be incorporated into a tasteless and odourless gelatine capsule. Easy and practical to swallow, it assures the assumption of active ingredients or supplements improving patient compliance and at the same time relieving the sensation of taste or smell. Softgel technology allows the formulation and realisation of nutraceutical products in a vast range of forms and colours.


  • The Orodispersible Film: it represents a brand new concept in the oral administration of medicines and supplements, overcoming the need for either using water or swallowing. It comes in the form of an ultra-thin strip (50-150 microns) of the size of a stamp, containing the desired active ingredient or supplement. Once placed on the upper part of the tongue it dissolves in a few seconds releasing its content and providing its rapid administration. This new form offers a wide range of possibilities to differentiate the product in the nutritional sector.


*IBSA production sites have separated departments intended for pharmaceutical and nutritional production, both for soft gelatine capsules and ODFs.