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- 07/21/2020

Increasingly eco-friendly packaging for Winni’s: the new eco-poch, in fully recyclable mono-material plastic, are born

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A fully recyclable mono-material plastic packaging that saves up to 84% more plastic compared to market alternatives of the same size. This is the new Eco Pouch by Winni’s, Madel S.p.a‘s market-leading eco-friendly line, which has taken further measures in respecting the environment. The new pack is already available for 1 litre sizes and will also be introduced by the end of 2020 in 1.5l and 500ml sizes.

Winni’s Research & Development department has been the first to create a new pouch entirely in Polypropylene (PP), capable of guaranteeing the same quality standards and robustness as the previous version. Both the pouch and the heat-sealed cap are made of the same material, so that the entire plastic package is completely recyclable. Moreover, these packs allow a lower use of plastic compared to alternative bottles of the same size.

Before today in the world of detergents, the eco-poch were made of 3 materials, with nylon primarily used for its strength. This material, however, causes slowdowns and difficulties in the recycling of plastic.

“Ecology for Madel S.p.a. is a global project, which starts from the company and arrives at the product”, explains Mattia Testa, Technical Director of the company, “and the implementation of such an easy disposal packaging in plastic is a further step in the right direction. As the leading brand in the category, we were the first to launch it for detergent liquids and this is just one of the ecological packaging innovations we are working on”.

Madel S.p.a in all its production processes makes the greatest commitment to protecting the environment with activities that range from the separate disposal of waste to the reuse of production waste, both plastic and liquid, to the recycling of hot water from the industrial process to heat the production department. The production site, thanks to the use of a photovoltaic plant of 2.6 MW on a total area of 58 thousand square meters and a last generation co-generator, which offers its contribution of 0.65 MW, is able to achieve complete electrical autonomy.

The company’s lighting is also sustainable, thanks to the replacement of all neon lights with LED ones, resulting in a 40% saving of power necessary.


The company’s commitment does not end with the new eco-poch in mono-material plastic, but, through the continuous work of the Research & Development department, it aims to make the packaging of the entire range of products more and more ecological. For more information:



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