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- 10/16/2019


H&PC Today

We invite you to explore an impressive range of ingredients that provide the answer to your next unique formulation.

Innospec are committed to continual innovation and developing products that contribute to a sustainable environment. Add in our extensive formulation expertise, market understanding, comprehensive product line-up and excellent customer support and it’s not surprising our technologies are behind some of the world’s most popular cleaning brands.

Home Care from Innospec offers a diverse range of surfactants, additives and patented high-performance formulations for use in everyday cleaning products. Both our naturally derived and synthetic ingredients find their way into a variety of products from laundry liquids, pods, powders and tablets to dish care products, toilet care and multi-purpose cleaners. Whether you are looking for a fresh and breezy laundry detergent, squeaky-clean dish washer or a practical and functional household cleaning product, you can be sure the Innospec Home Care range will inspire you.


Personal Care from Innospec offers the technical expertise and the market understanding to develop on-trend formulations that capture the physical and sensory attributes consumers want. Explore the answer to the latest market trends, whether it is a silky after-feel, ease of rinse-ability or luxurious foam; we know what makes a successful formulation and how to impart a unique experience with brand appeal. From mild surfactants for shampoos, emollients for sunscreens and silicones for facial creams, these ingredients can bring your project to life and meet the changing expectations of your customers. It all starts with the right ingredients. Just add in our knowledge and expertise to provide the full package. Transform the ordinary into something special – explore our products today.

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