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- 02/17/2017

Isera launches metab-aac columns for the analysis of highly polar, small molecules

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

ISERA GmbH a producer and distributor of accessories and consumables for chromatographic analytical methods has enlarged its portfolio by the addition of the new Metab-AAC line. Chromatography columns of this HPLC line are intended for the analysis of highly polar, small molecules like organic acids, alcohols, sugars, polar metabolites and similar compounds. The columns are based on a polystyrene-divinylbenzene polymeric phase and have been developed for the use in QC as well as R&D in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and biotech industry. A long lifetime is ensured by a robust column hardware and simple application procedures.

With the Metab-AAC line the company has once more broadened its product range of high quality columns for HPLC and GC analytics. The production facility of the company is located in Dueren, Germany. Here, not only chromatography columns are produced but also surface modifications of glass articles are carried out. This is another key competence of the company. The resulting inertised glass items like inertised sample vials are part of ISERA´s product spectrum as well as products for sample preparation, spectral lamps, syringes and a broad range of different samples vials and closures.


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